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Thankful Living



Take time to be thankful, speak often in praise,

Arise in the mornings and grateful hymns raise;

Let gratitude fill you, show forth to the world,

The blessings of Jesus and serving the LORD.

Take time to be thankful, as “to-do lists” grow long,

Lift high Jesus’ Name, sing aloud joyful song;

Be grateful for voices and hands, legs and feet

That are able to work in the cold and in heat.

Take time to be thankful, as the world rushes on,

Not caring for others who live all alone;

To busy to help them – “I’ve too much to do!”

So they pass right on by; not caring – Do you?

Take time to be thankful, e’en when no one else,

Has uttered forth praise for all that’s in-house;

Perhaps if you start being thankful today,

The “flu-bug” of thankfulness will ne’er go away!

Take time to be thankful; give thanks in ALL things,

For dry spells in harvest or the rainbows bright rings;

Let’s be thankful for everything sent from above,

All the bounties of earth from our God, who is LOVE.

Written and © by Shannon Beeghley 10/19/12

“In all circumstances give thanks, for this is the desire of God in Messiah for you.” 1 Thessalonians 5:18 

Blessings on your day! ~Coach Shannon

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