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Relaxation and Exercise

Guard well your spare moments. They are like uncut diamonds. Discard them and their value will never be known. Improve them and they will become the brightest gems in a useful life.
-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Summertime is a set aside part of the year where we pack our schedules so incredibly full, we are burning the candle at both ends. We are constantly on the go, and because of Daylight Saving Time, the nights do not come as quickly, so we try packing “just ONE more thing in” before going to bed. Maybe we are working 40+ hours a week as well as packing everything else in… Is this happening in any other household besides mine?! 🙁  It is exhausting isn’t it?

Be UnproductiveI need to listen to the wisdom in this quote by Geneen Roth!! 🙂 Today, I have been unproductive, but also slightly productive with a few things crossed off the list. It’s ok. Tomorrow is another day. After working an insane amount of hours the last two weeks, I told myself it is ok to do NOTHING! 🙂 But I find my brain not listening to myself very well….. I try to “practice what I teach” to you, but I fail often. I also need accountability! I appreciate it when someone reaches out and sends me a quick note. I try to do the same for them and others. We each need an encourager – someone who notices when we are pushing our limits and not taking time for ourself and our own needs. Maybe I need to reread the Loving Yourself post… maybe you do?

Summertime can also be a time where we get some more movement physically. The sunshine and fresh air outside is much better than running on a treadmill in a gym. But I certainly understand the heat and humidity… Today it is in the 90’s and really humid. But physical exercise can come in many different ways- mowing the lawn with a push mower ( or just a good portion of it by walking if your lawn is large), playing a game of tag or ball with your children or grandchildren, taking a leisure walk in the park or dancing in the rain (be a kid again and go stomp in the mud puddles!! 😀 ). There are many other ways – go to the mall with a friend and do a couple laps around the mall while you catch up face-to-face instead of on social media. Spend the day with your grandchildren and I guarantee you will get some exercise!! 😀 Blow bubbles with them (or just by yourself) for some good lung exercises and deep breathing!

ListenThen at night, when it cools down a little, sit in a lawn chair and look at the sky. Can you find the Big Dipper? Little Dipper? Jupiter? 🙂 Listen to the birds as they sing of the goodness of our Creator. It is recorded 4 times in Scripture- “Oh that men would praise the LORD for His goodness, and for His wonderful works to the children of men!” – Psalm 107:8, 15, 21, 31). Learn to relax (I’m talking to myself!!) and just BE.  God created us as human BEings, but so often we are human DOings and not taking the time to just BE. Be unproductive. Rest in a hammock or on the couch and take an afternoon siesta. 😀 It’s ok. Your body has been trying to tell you, but your brain doesn’t want to listen as you keep doing and going thither and yon! Sigh… Can anyone else relate? 🙂



Relaxing beside a cool, bubbling river sounds inviting to me!

Until next week, remember to love on yourself and allow some “down time”.   Learn to just BE… and maybe, just maybe in the soft stillness, you will hear from God an answer to the prayer you were needing.

~Coach Shannon



Loving Yourself


Matthew 22:37-39- Jesus said to him, “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind. This is the first and greatest commandment. A second likewise is this, “You shall love your neighbor as yourself.”

This verses sticks out in my mind the more I support and coach women. The question I ask is this – In what way do you love yourself?” If we are to love our neighbors as ourselves, how is this being portrayed? I often catch myself trying to treat those around me much better than I treat myself…then wonder why I feel so empty inside?! 🙁 So I wrote up a list of ways to “love on myself”.


1) Listen to your body and its needs. If your body tells you “I need sleep” – then get ready for bed and allow 7-8 hours of uninterrupted sleep. If it says “Feed me”, then give it wholesome, healthy, homemade food! 🙂 (No processed junk!!) If it says “I’m thirsty”, give it good clean water! Your body craves plain water, or water with a little lemon or lime for flavor. You can get these here. And if you have already eaten and an hour or two later you think you are hungry again or feel like eating a snack, try drinking a glass or two of water. Most likely your body is asking for more water instead of food!!

2) Forgive yourself for mistakes made during the day. We are human- but we do not need to use this as an excuse either. We will make mistakes this side of heaven, but we need to get up, brush off the dirt, say “I’m sorry” to whatever body part was injured the most, and try again!

photo (3)

3) Speak kindly to yourself. Speaking words of accusation over your body will only pull you deeper into a pit. Our bodies CRAVE words of love from our own lips. I have a dear friend who had hammer toes. She was having a conversation with God one day and she heard “Today we will love body parts”. She asked where to begin and God said “Let’s start with your toes”. So she looked down at her hammer toes, told them she loved them & how cute her toes were. She thanked God for her toes and for the years they have worked for her. Slowly over time, her little toes are becoming straight! This is a true story!! 🙂 God loves it when we love on ourselves! —This is the manner we need to speak over each of our body parts!!

Doug Addison

4)Trust your gut instincts – because many times we know what we should be doing, but our flesh does something different and then we chide ourselves, hate ourselves and speak negative, unhealthy words about ourselves, etc.

5) Make a playlist of your favorite songs and play them in the evening after you get home from work. If you work from home, you can still play them- whenever you like! I have a list of favorite YouTube hymns and a list of Instrumental Hymns plus several favorite artist playlists on my iPad that I play.  Here are a couple of my favorite Hymns and Instrumental Songs. You can sing along or dance to them- it lets the enemy know that you are defeating him by worshiping the ONE and ONLY TRUE GOD!

6) Light some candles, have a small glass of your favorite wine, play or cuddle with your pet dog or cat >^..^< or read an inspirational book while curled up in your favorite chair. Take time for YOU! 🙂

photo (5)

7) Spend time in prayer and meditating on the many blessings we have been given from our loving Heavenly Father. Spend time thanking Him, praise Him during the storms of life and praise Him when the sun is shining! And Psalm 107:8, 15, 21, & 31 all repeat “Oh that men would praise the LORD for his goodness, and for his wonderful works to the children of men!”  A quote I read once said “Take a few minutes to pause beside the still waters of God’s Word. Drink deeply and you will find it cool and refreshing.” 

photo (4)

8) While the number 7 means “completion“, number 8 means NEW BEGINNINGS! So for number 8, give yourself the gift of YOU. Schedule time in your day for something that you can do to reward yourself for the hard work of the day. Get a massage, a favorite meal, one piece of dark chocolate etc. You know what you have been wanting for YOURSELF, but have been neglecting to give it. And for fun, if it is possible, wrap it up in pretty paper with a bow, then give it to yourself and enjoy unwrapping it like a child does on their birthday! 😀

Perhaps you can relate to this or maybe you have written your own list? What do you do to love yourself? Email me at mannafoldblessings@gmail.com or comment below!

Until next week ~ Coach Shannon