Shannon has a wealth of information regarding a dietary lifestyle that leads to good health. She was very thorough in providing information in regards not only to the science behind what is and isn’t healthy; but ways to apply this information. A key take-home point given during the class for me was maintaining the alkalinity in my body, and key foods and drinks that can maintain that environment in my body. This to me was an essential piece of information and revealed an important aspect in reviving our body cells.

– Kaitlyn

Shannon is very knowledgeable in her field of study. I attended a class this past summer where she systematically laid out the foundation of nutrition as well as the foods we should eat to prosper in health. Not only does she offer nutritional advice, she offers a plethora of healthy recipes and their benefits on her Facebook page. I found it incredibly useful how she ties in Scripture as well as other sciences that are beneficial to health. I’d highly recommend Shannon for anyone interested in a nutritionist who is well rounded in her practice and wanting to eat their way to good health!

– Daniel

Shannon told me about progressing slowly and how you can’t rush it sometimes. It’s a PROCESS. She encouraged me to conquer adversity and accept the challenge.

– Leslie