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As I was studying Exodus 8 the other day, these thoughts came to me and I wrote them in my journal. Sometimes Father has a way of bringing a chapter of history into a different time period, yet we can still relate to it. I know this was for me and the period of life I am going through, but perhaps you can relate also?

Journal Entry 1/10/16-  “Studying Exodus 8 today. One more night with the frogs! How often are we praying for relief from oppression and trials but we give them to Yahweh with clenched fists instead of open hands? We whine and complain (under our breath) that Yah has not taken away our pain, our lustful desires, our burdens etc, yet we never fully let go of them…? We are no different than Pharoah who, when Moshe (Moses) asked when Pharoah wanted him (Moshe) to ask Yah to remove the frogs, Pharoah said TOMORROW! (Exodus 8:10)…. History repeats itself, eh? Shouldn’t we learn from history and not repeat the mistakes of the past? Hardening our hearts, holding a grudge, allowing bitterness, anger or malice to take up housekeeping in our heart – may eventually cost us the life of our firstborn! Not only that, but it may cost us our health too. Our decisions will affect those around us and ripple out to our fellowship groups, communities and land.

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Photo credit: Google photos

And thinking back, you wonder how it all started? You were willing to spend “one more night with the frogs”! Ribbit!

Repent therefore, and be converted, that your sins may be blotted out. [Acts 3:19],  humble yourself, pray and seek Yah’s Face, turn from your wicked ways (fully let go of your lawless ways, lusts of the flesh, lust of the eyes and the pride of life [1 John 2:16]) … THEN Yah will hear from heaven, and will forgive your sin and will heal our land. [2 Chronicles 7:14].  **This is the ripple effect of obedience**

Starting now, open your hands (literally!) before the Creator of heaven and earth, pour out your heart to Him, give him your burdens, your cares and anything that is “plaguing” you from moving forward. Allow HIM to clean your heart from bitterness, anger, lying, lust, pornography, addictions (to food, sweets, alcohol, tobacco, shopping/spending money you don’t have by using credit cards, gambling, etc….). You will find a fresh new outlook on life and you will feel lighter. Your health will improve and you will smile more. 🙂

Photo credit: Google photos
Photo credit: Google photos

You are His beloved, precious son and daughter. He loves you. You don’t need to spend one more second with those frogs! If you need someone to listen, or would like more information on how to keep the “frogs, darkness, lice etc” away, contact me at mannafoldblessings@gmail.com. I am here to coach you.

L’Chaim! (To Life!) ~Coach Shannon

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  1. T’shuva, absolutely give all back to the Father. His heart & hand is always open for his children. OH! How he loves us.–Fah

    How He loves us so! He speaks through His Word that is alive! Glad you shared your meditation with us. We need to leave the plagues of Egypt at the cross and exchange for freedom, fruitfulness and His fullness! Amein Coach!

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