March Forth!

Did you know today is a command? March 4th!! 🙂 I decided to use this as my topic to blog on today.

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What does it mean to march forth? At the beginning of January, or maybe on the evening before, a lot of people wrote out a list of things they wanted to change in their life or goals to reach in 2015. Perhaps, your list is on a mental notepad, and never was written down? That’s okay… Maybe you listed you wanted to stop an addiction- smoking, drinking soda pop or coffee, eating less chocolate or less food? Maybe you listed you wanted to work out at the gym more, drink more water, go on your dream vacation…

Change is possible



Whatever you wrote down, have you reached your goal? 🙂 If not, is there something that is holding you back? Sometimes fear of the unknown keeps us from taking the first step forward towards our goal. I have experienced this many times- especially with starting this blog. I set many goals, but fear of the unknown future would not let me take the first step. I have had many mentors who believed in me and kept asking if I had taken the first step yet, gently encouraging me onward. Once I started that first step and then took another step towards my goal, it seemed as if the goal did not look so far away!






I BELIEVE IN YOU!! You are worth fighting for no matter what anyone or anything tries to tell you! If you are struggling right now to reach your goal for better health (including mental, emotional, physical or spiritual) and would like to have someone come along side and support you in your journey, this message is for you! If you are not quite ready to take that first step, it’s okay. I want you to be ready.

Tell yourself


I believe in YOU and know that if I can do this, you can too! We believe what we tell ourselves. I know habits are hard to break, but the…Good habits

I sense that someone needed this message today. If that is you, feel free to send me an email at and let me know. I will listen. I care. You are worth it!

Marching forth ~ Coach Shannon

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