Benefits of Chia Seeds

Yum! Chia seeds are a great source of nutrients! Have you added them to your diet yet? What a great way to reduce inflammation, lower cholesterol, cleanse your colon, fight against diabetes, and give energy without all the caffeine-sugar-laden junk food ideas!

chia seeds

Here are the nutrition facts:

1 oz. Chia seeds
137 calories
Protein: 4g
Carbs: 12g (11g fiber)
SFA: 1g
MUFA: 0.6g
PUFA: 6.5g
Omega 6: 1.6g
Omega 3: 4.9g (ALA)

I have added chia seeds to muffins, sprinkled on pancakes, smoothies, and they are always good as a thickener such as in the pudding recipe below…

3 ingredient chia seed pudding
3 ingredient chia seed pudding

I enjoy making  an easy 3 ingredient chia seed pudding but sometimes add a drizzle of maple syrup along with the vanilla. This is a great substitute for tapioca pudding if you can’t have dairy milk! Click on the Wellness Mama link below in the resources to get a great energy bar recipe! 🙂

Enjoy this superfood and please comment below on how you use chia seeds! Here are some recipe ideas!

~Coach Shannon


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