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This article is written by Fran Capoccia, founder of Fran’s Living Foods and L’Chaim Ministries.   Fran is an author, instructor, speaker and prayer minister who helps people restore their body, soul, and mind to the original health we were designed to have from our Creator.

Get ready to learn some amazing information about sprouting seeds and grain.  The subject of sprouts was one of my favorite subjects I learned when healing a growth the size of golf ball.  I was at a health center where sprouts were included in green smoothies, salads, and they even sneaked them into the raw chocolate cake!  Yes, sprouts can be added to any food. 🙂

Why would anyone want to eat sprouts?!  There are many health benefits of sprouts to say the least!  Here are 3 benefits to start:

  • In the sprouted form, Carbohydrates turn into simple sugars
  • Proteins turn into ready-to-digest amino acids
  • Fats are in the digestible form of fatty acids

When food is in the ready-to-digest form such as sprouts, then the body has to do a lot less work to digest it.  That means more energy for you to enjoy the parts of your life instead of the energy and time it takes to digest some foods – such as animal protein that can take 6-hours to retrieve the amino acids, which are building blocks of many cells.

Next, I will review 4 simple steps to sprouting seeds.


  • Seed of your choice that you can purchase at the health food stores labeled seeds for sprouting.
  • Glass jars with screening cut to secure when lid is attached. There are containers for sprouting but I will be reviewing glass jar method.
  • Dish drain for tilting the jar upside down at 45 degree angle
  • Water to rinse
  1.  SOAK

Soak the seed:  Soaking the seeds starts the germinating process.  Take a clean glass jar and fill the seed as per chart.  Many sprouting charts are available online.  For example, the charts say to use 1 tbsp of alfalfa seed.  Place 1 tbsp seed in a jar.  Add water to cover the seeds.  Let soak overnight per chart instructions.

  1. DRAIN

The next morning, drain the water from the glass jar.  Do not save this water.  Rinse the seeds a few more times under a faucet with filtered water.



After rinsing several times tilt the jar upside down at 45 degree angle so air can flow through the jar.  Rinse and tilt twice a day until a tail grows from the seed and the tail is as long as the seed.  Alfalfa would be an exception that the tail can keep growing until what looks like a bunch a string in a jar.

    Now your sprouts are ready to take from the jar to be used to eat or store in the refrigerator for a few days.


As you can see this is a simple process and oh so good for you!


Fran is a very good friend of mine and I am honored to have her write an article for the blog today. If you would like to learn more about living foods, go to her website http://franslivingfoods.com/

Let’s get to sprouting some seeds! 🙂

~Coach Shannon

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