Heart full of thankfulness


I want to thank each of you for your support this year in 2015 whether you gave financially, prayerfully, gave mental and physical support or just sent me an encouraging email to give me a little umph to keep going. Each one of you are very special to the One who created you and to me for the support and encouragement you are as a friend.


Perhaps someone has come to the end of 2015 and thinks they have not made much of a difference this year. Did anyone care what they wrote in the blog? Did anyone try the recipes? Even if it was an outlet for the writer/ blogger, just knowing I tried and with the umph from my encouragers, I can say I have had triumph! 🙂

You (me included) will never know whose life you touched this year. Remembering to be a positive influence and saying words of LIFE over ourselves and those around us- is not always easy, but being able to sleep with a clear conscience at night makes it worth it!

Power of Thinking

When you have a heart full of thankfulness, you can do as this mother did– she found  and thanked each person in the medical field who helped save her son’s life after the horrible accident that claimed her husband’s life. It means so much to those who have never been thanked for their hard sacrifice of time, tears, sweat and time away from family to serve you when you are the most sick. Remembering to say thank you is not always easy, but it is usually the first thing we are taught as a young infant/growing toddler. Please make it a point today to tell someone how much you appreciate them. We are not promised tomorrow.


And finally, please consider giving to local charities when you are blessed financially. Give to local businesses. Send a note of thanks or encouragement to them. You will never know how much it means until you are on the receiving end. 🙂

One more thing… if you have benefited from the Mannafold Blessings in Health blog posts, please consider sending me a note or email and letting me know what you enjoyed, things you would like to learn more about, any tips or advice on things you would like changed or any other words of encouragement you feel led to share! 🙂

Thank you so much,

Coach Shannon,

Licensed Practical Nurse, Nutrition Specialist, Board Certified Holistic Health Coach

Attitude of Gratitude

The time of year has come where family and friends give gifts to each other.  Some of the gifts we may appreciate and some we don’t like and want something different…..

photo (1)

How often are we given gifts from our Heavenly Father and we forget to thank Him? Do you ever think about the gift of sight? Smell? Hearing? Touch? Taste?


Mr Minion has the correct response!! 😀 How can we be more grateful when we have every material thing at our fingertips? In today’s world, it only takes a credit card, the touch of a button, and the item shows up on our doorstep within a week. I think it would do us well to focus on the material things that DO matter- clothing, shelter, food, water, and the Book of Scriptures.

photo 1 (1)


Give the gift of socks, blankets, gently used shoes, mittens, scarves, hats etc to those who need them! Go through your closets and see what you can do without… if you have more than one pair – you are among the worlds rich.


photo 4 (1)

What about the gift of time? I would venture to say that most everyone would rather have some of your time instead of a gift to remember you by. Go visit your aging parents or grandparents! Go visit the nursing home and ask the nursing staff if there is anyone who does not have family. I remember many of my former patients just crying because no family members came to visit on special days or holidays.  And be sure to give them your attention when visiting… One day you will look up from your phone and your parents and grandparents won’t be there. Honour your father and mother. (Exo 20:12)

Visiting grandma

Most of all, give thanks to Father for the gift of Salvation through His Son, Yeshua and for the large family of believers we can join arms with as we travel this road called LIFE!

Blessings of Shalom,

Coach Shannon

PS: Shalom is a Hebrew word that means “May that, which is producing chaos, be destroyed!!

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Mixed potatoes

By: Shannon Beeghley, LPN, NS, CHHC

Mixed Potatoes
Mixed Potatoes

Make the Sweet Potatoes with Lime and Cilantro recipe  (click) on that link for the recipe).  Peel the sweet potatoes and add the lime and cilantro to the potatoes in a dish.

Next: Peel 4 small white potatoes and chop them into smaller pieces. Cook them till they are soft. Mix them with the sweet potatoes and blend with a hand mixer till smooth. You can add some butter and a sprinkle (very small amount!) of garlic salt for taste and blend it in.

YUMMY! I almost like these better than the plain sweet potatoes with lime and cilantro recipe! 😀



Lucuma – a natural sweetener


With everyone talking about the latest way to sweeten their food, I thought I would share a secret- Lucuma Powder! 🙂 It is yummy when used in baked goods as a substitute sweetener.

Lucuma trees are orginal in the Andes in Chili, but are also grown in Peru, New Zealand, Ecuador and Phoenix, Arizona. 🙂 Check out the 3rd resource! It is sometimes called as the “Gold of the Incas”.

Lucuma powder comes from the fruit of the lucuma tree and is a low glycemic sweetener with a hint of flavor like maple.  One reference describes it  like this “The flesh of the Ecuadorian seedlings is sort of ‘dry’ and crumbly (the texture of the yolk of a boiled egg, perhaps), slightly sweet, tasting somewhat of butterscotch (some say maple syrup), but the odd ‘powdery’ mouth feel and the lack of juice makes it a fruit you don’t really want to eat.” (2)

Lucuma fruit
Photo Credit- Google Pictures

Lucuma fruit is rich in antioxidants, high in fiber, a healthy carbohydrate and has vitamins of niacin, riboflavin, thiamine (B vitamins), as well as beta carotene, protein and Vitamin C! “The flesh contains 25 grams of carbohydrate per 100 grams. The sugar component of the carbohydrates are 8.4 grams of glucose, 4.7 grams of fructose, 1.7 grams of sucrose, and 0.06 grams of inositol. Prior to maturity, there is only sucrose present, and this is gradually converted to other sugars in the process of ripening.” (2)  A little powder goes a long way, so you actually don’t get very much “sugar” content.

The Lucuma powder can be used in smoothies, milk shakes, pudding, ice cream, juices, or in baked goods as a way to cut down on the sugar. Recipes for healthy brownies and blueberry muffins will come in later posts 😀 … Just thought I’d add that in to make your salivary glands kick in! Ha! 😀 Try this recipe for starters– Caramel Almond Butter! It is where I was introduced to lucuma powder! 😀

Until next week,

~Coach Shannon


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