Attitude of Gratitude

The time of year has come where family and friends give gifts to each other.  Some of the gifts we may appreciate and some we don’t like and want something different…..

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How often are we given gifts from our Heavenly Father and we forget to thank Him? Do you ever think about the gift of sight? Smell? Hearing? Touch? Taste?


Mr Minion has the correct response!! 😀 How can we be more grateful when we have every material thing at our fingertips? In today’s world, it only takes a credit card, the touch of a button, and the item shows up on our doorstep within a week. I think it would do us well to focus on the material things that DO matter- clothing, shelter, food, water, and the Book of Scriptures.

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Give the gift of socks, blankets, gently used shoes, mittens, scarves, hats etc to those who need them! Go through your closets and see what you can do without… if you have more than one pair – you are among the worlds rich.


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What about the gift of time? I would venture to say that most everyone would rather have some of your time instead of a gift to remember you by. Go visit your aging parents or grandparents! Go visit the nursing home and ask the nursing staff if there is anyone who does not have family. I remember many of my former patients just crying because no family members came to visit on special days or holidays.  And be sure to give them your attention when visiting… One day you will look up from your phone and your parents and grandparents won’t be there. Honour your father and mother. (Exo 20:12)

Visiting grandma

Most of all, give thanks to Father for the gift of Salvation through His Son, Yeshua and for the large family of believers we can join arms with as we travel this road called LIFE!

Blessings of Shalom,

Coach Shannon

PS: Shalom is a Hebrew word that means “May that, which is producing chaos, be destroyed!!

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