I never thought I would reach them…


Do you find yourself wishing for things or circumstances to change, but life keeps happening and nothing seems to be changing? Do you struggle to just keep your head above water, above the daily grind of the work/home/school schedule and wonder if you ever will get a moment of “me time” to sit down and catch your breath? Let alone plan or fix a meal after a long day at work… when is there time for that?


Allow me to encourage you a moment. When we get tired (and I mean REALLY tired) of where we are in life – never seeming to get ahead- then we will FIND the time to sit down and write down some goals. The hardest part is trying to carry out those goals after writing them down.

Dare Smith Wigglesworth

Recently, I was very tired of never seeming to get over the hump and was spinning  my wheels. I finally took a leap of faith and JUMPED on board with a group of coaches who led me through some classes that really cleared up the vision and future for me and my business. I still have to do the work of implementing the different goals and suggestions, but have felt more inspired for the future than I ever have! 🙂 I have surpassed some of my goals and feel even more determined to put forth more effort for the remaining 6 months of this year!


If you are feeling stuck in place and need a boost, send me an email at mannafoldblessings@gmail.com. I will listen and guide you in making better choices if you are ready to make a change!

Be Blessed,

Coach Shannon

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